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In order to provide you with the best customer experience we abide by the following policies.



* You may place your order online using our secure order form CLICK HERE or by calling 786-238-1776.

* Once you place your order it may not be cancelled.  You may suspend your service at any time.

* To start on Monday, your order must be completed by Saturday, any other day of the week your plan will be prorated.

* All substitutions incur a $5 additional fee per item.

* All plans are placed in a Recurring Payment Program.  If you need to cancel or suspend your service, please make sure to give us a call at 786-238-1776 on the Thursday 11:59 PM, of the prior week you would like to cancel.

* If you forget to cancel within the allowed time, your account will be charged the regular fee and a credit will be kept in your account for when you return.  NO REFUNDS will be issued.

* Once you provide us with your credit card information, you are authorizing us to use the same credit card number for recurring payments and you are accepting our policies as established here, no signature is required as it is an online/phone purchase.  


* Your meals are delivered FRESH 3 times per week.  Sunday you will receive Monday & Tuesday meals. On Tuesday you will receive Wednesday and Thursday meals and on Thursdays you will receive Friday meals.

* Delivery fees are calculated based on your distance from zip code 33144.

* Delivery fees are as follows: 5 miles $10 per week, 10 miles $20 per week, 15 miles $25 per week. Longer distances will be calculated individually, please call for more info.

* Meals are delivered in insulated bags with 2-4 ice packs.  All bags and ice packs must be returned after each delivery.

* Bags not returned in a timely manner will incur an unreturned bag fee of $10 per bag.

* Delivery person will only wait 5-7 minutes to deliver your meals.  Please make sure you provide us with the information required to make your drop as smooth as possible (gate code, parking information, dogs, etc.)

* No REFUNDS will be honored after the meals have been delivered.

* We are not responsible for any bags left outside or meals not properly refrigerated.

* No credits will be issued on meals not handled properly after delivery.

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